TmzVPS VPS Review


TMZVPS is UK company which has been operated for 9+ years. There are mixed review about this company some said tmzvps good some said they are bad company. We try their unmanaged SSD VPS for arround 3 weeks. So here’s my review about them.

Disk I/O : 8/10
They have decent disk io from what i test, i get Disk Read 533 MB/s and Disk Write 415 MB/s. Decent Disk I/O.

Price : 6/10
Price not that cheap but also isnt expensive. For $9/mo  i get  2 gb ram 25 gb SSD Diskspace. Cons from their plan is it only get shared 1 ghz CPU. If you only run small website or application that didnt need CPU you can try them. If you need more CPU you must look elsewhere.

Network : 9/10
100% uptime for 3 weeks, Tmzvps also has decent network speed.

Support : 9/10
Even for their unmanaged VPS, they have good support. Average respond time for ticket arround 15 minutes – 2 hours. They have friendly suppport especially daniel and i like it.

Summary : 8/10
Even they have  good support, network and disk i/o. I didnt think i will use them exxpect for this review. Their  cpu performance is the cause, if they allow client to access more CPU it would better.

Would i recommended them? yes, if you only need small cpu.


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