Permatahost Shared Hosting Review

Permatahost is indonesia web hosting that offer shared hosting in 4 location : Singapore,US,Canada and Luxemburg. We try this hosting company from their offer in let which only $1 / year. Yes that was insance cheap deal, if you interest with this deal you can grab one here. But i dont know how long this offer will last.

I had use this hosting for 1 month and so far there are no problem with this hosting company and here’s my review about permatahost

Support :9/10

Even their price is dirt cheap permatahost have pretty good support. They reply my ticket within 1 hour. This is fastest response times in all the cheap hosting that i have.

Price : 10/10

Their price is the best, which other host company offer 1gb diskspace and 10 gb bandwith for $1/year? I dont remember another non scam host that offer reliable hosting in this price.

Fiture 8/10

They have decent fiture php selector, cloudlinux and daily backup. Ah almost forgot it also have letscrypt free SSL. The cons on this promo hosting is they only allow 1 add ons domain on it.

Nertwok and Hardware  9/10

My website running quite well and no downtime so far, they claim they use SSD in their server thats why it running fast.

Summary : 9/10

Dirt cheap price and decent host so i give them 9.10 ratting for this “Promo” hosting. For their normal price i would give 8/10 since it cost $1/mo for 1 gb diskspace and unlimited add domain on it.

Also one more cons about this hosting company is they need improvement for their website design.

I would recommend them if you need cheap shared hosting for unimportant website, i use this shared host only for PBN and i dont think i dare to host in permatahost for my important stuff. They still need time to prove that they are a GREAT HOSTING company.

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